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Title: You're A Map Of A Place Maybe Someday I'll Go Ch. 9/22
Author: Pip
Pairing: Billy/Dom
Rating: this chapter PG-13, NC-17 overall
Disclaimer: Don't know 'em, never met 'em, this is all lies.
Feedback: Would be treasured beyond pearls.
Archive: Not without permission.

A/N: Thanks to fitofpique and elmathelas for the brilliant betas, and to buckle_berry for the fabulous Britpick. This fic would not be the same without you three, and I thank you from the bottom of my squishy little heart.

Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

First posted July, 2006

Two hours later, Dom stood at the waterfront in the seaside town of Oban, watching the ferry come in. He wrinkled his nose. "Please tell me we're not going anywhere on the ferry?"

"We're not," Billy reassured him. "Why?"

"Because I'm getting hungry, the water's rough today, and it's cold."

"Awww," Billy cooed. "Aren't you a fragile wee petal?"

"I am not!" Dom protested. "Am I not allowed to not want to go somewhere anymore?"

"Of course you are. Are not? I don't know, I think the first place you'd better go is back to school, because that was very suspicious, grammatical-wise."

"Yeah, and 'grammatical-wise' is so much better," he snorted.

Billy turned to lean his back against the cement wall, then--as if he felt eyes on him--swiveled his head to find a large speckled gull approaching hopefully, edging along the top pole. "Sorry, pal. All the food's back in the car."

"Not that there's much left," Dom pointed out.

"True. We'll have to stock up for the trip home. We scoured the flat of all junk food, and we can't not have junk food."

"That would be a travesty. A travesty? Is that the right word?" Dom cocked his head.

"Dunno. Sounds good to me."

"A disaster of epic proportions, anyway. Because, really--what if I want to eat chocolates off your bare chest? Or lick, you know, some kind of powdery sugary stuff off the backs of your knees?" Dom asked innocently. "I mean, we'd need supplies for that sort of thing. It's just not as good eating, say, cold pasta off you." He turned his head ever so slightly to see Billy's reaction from the corner of his eye, and he was not disappointed.

Billy's ears were red, his cheeks pink, and a wily smile curved his lips upward. His eyes were flicking back and forth, and he bit his lip for a moment before pushing off the wall. "Come on."

Dom followed. "Where to?"

"Why do you always have to know where we're going?" he asked with mock exasperation. "You used to drive your parents mad in the car, didn't you?"

"Completely," Dom grinned, unabashed. "Dad even threatened to leave me in the Black Forest once, if I didn't stop asking were we nearly there yet."

"Did it work?"

"For about twenty minutes."

"Persistent bugger, aren't you?" Billy snorted.

"Yes," Dom replied with a mysterious little smile meant to keep Billy guessing. "You'd do well to remember that." He rather thought he was going to show Billy the absolute bloody definition of persistence over the next few days.

Billy stopped dead in his tracks, then scanned the buildings across the road.

"Billy?" Dom turned back. "What are you doing?"

His face broke into a wide grin. "Have you got your mobile on you?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Call Elijah."

"Elwood? Why?" Dom frowned. "Besides, it's still pretty early there--"

"Call him." Billy walked back to a bench they'd just passed and sat down to wait.

Shrugging, Dom pulled his mobile out of the zippered pocket in his jacket, turned it on, and hit the speed dial button for Elijah's mobile.

It rang five times before a sleepy voice answered. "'Lo?"

"Good morning, sunshine!" Dom sing-songed cheerfully. "Time to get up and do something useful, you lazy-arsed twat."

"Dom? 'Zat you?"

"None other, Elwood."

"I thought you were in Scotland?"

Dom laughed. "I'll protect your life and not tell Billy you seem to think they're not on the phone in Scotland yet."

"What?" Billy exclaimed, sounding outraged. "Tell him he can bite my--"

"No, no," Elijah mumbled. "Just meant, you know, what the hell are you calling me for? Thought you were just gonna call when you got back?"

"What am I calling for?" Dom mused pointedly in Billy's direction. "That's a very good question indeed, Elwood, and it pains me greatly that I have no answer for you."

"No answer--you don't know why you're calling? You woke me up to tell me you don't know why you're calling? You're such an asshole," he muttered, making Dom grin.

"Well, it was actually a certain delicate yet still very manly Scot who said to call you, so let's ask him if there was a purpose behind it." Dom walked over and sat beside Billy on the bench, looking at him and raising an eyebrow.

"You're lucky you said 'very manly'," Billy commented serenely. "Or there would have been no chocolates for you."

Dom's other eyebrow shot up, and he gulped.

"Hello?" Elijah said irritably. "Someone want to tell me why the fuck I'm talking to you right now?"

Dom swallowed. "Ehm--yeah. Right. So why did you tell me to call Elijah, Bills?"

Billy simply asked, "Is he awake now?"

"Are you awake, Elwood?"

"Yes!" he shouted. "Thanks to you, asshole!" Dom held the phone away from his ear, and Billy grinned at Elijah's vexation.

"Tell him to go to his computer."

Dom made a face at Billy, having a good idea what the reaction was going to be. "Billy says go to your computer." He pulled the phone away from his ear again just in time.

"What? I will not go to my fucking computer!" Elijah bellowed, but the edge of actual annoyance had disappeared from his voice. "I was asleep, you rotten fucking cunts! What the fuck is your problem?"

Billy was trying not to laugh as he said, "Tell him to get his indolent, lily-white peach fuzz arse out to his computer."

"Peach fuzz?" Elijah practically shrieked, but Dom could now hear the laughter behind his outrage.

"Come on, Elwood," Dom said calmly. "We've told you before your arse is very pretty."

"Shut up, moron," Elijah grinned. "All right, hang on while I pull some pants on."

"What?" Dom gasped. "Little Elwood sleeps in the buff these days? Billy, remind me to take sunglasses next time I visit Elwood? If I'm nearby when he goes to the bog for a piss, I might be blinded by his snow-white arse."

"Jackass," Elijah snorted. "You're just jealous because my ass is so much tighter than your sorry, flabby excuse for a butt. And I said pants, not underwear. When are you lame Brits going to get it right?"

"Firstly," Dom retorted, "I happen to have a remarkably firm, dead sexy arse. Right, Bills?"

"He does, you know, Elwood," Billy happily and loudly supplied, wiggling his eyebrows at Dom as he surreptitiously reached back and pinched Dom's arse through the bench.

Dom stared at him, mouth agape. He really was going to have to have a word with Billy, and find out where the hell this was coming from. Flirting, being a bit suggestive, was one thing--but pinching his arse? It was throwing Dom completely off-kilter. Of course, that was probably what the bastard was going for in the first place.

"Hello?" Elijah called, amused. "Is there a 'secondly', or was 'firstly' it?"

"Something wrong, Dom?" Billy asked, all innocent solicitousness.

Dom held two fingers up to a smug Billy and calmly said to Elijah, "I don't remember exactly, but I believe 'secondly' was something about telling the tag team of Boyd and Bean your little comment about lame Brits."

"All right, all right." Elijah giggled that high-pitched, devastatingly infectious giggle of his, and Dom laughed. "I take back the lame, okay?"

"Much better."

"So I'm at my computer. Now what?" he asked.

Dom looked at Billy. "He's at his computer."

Billy smiled slyly. "Tell him to Google the words 'Oban' and 'webcam'."

Dom's eyes widened. "Seriously?" he asked, pointing down at their bench.

"Seriously what?" Elijah demanded. "He's not tricking me into looking at one of those pictures of me and Sean naked again!"

In answer to Dom, Billy pointed up and across the street, and it took Dom a minute to see the camera, but when he did he laughed out loud.

"What?" Elijah wailed.

"Don't get your knickers in a twist, Elwood," Dom said happily. "Go online and Google 'Oban webcam'."

"Spell it."

"O-b-a-n. Just like it sounds."

After a moment filled with the distant clicks of a keyboard, Elijah finally said, "Okay. The first one is Oban and Lorn tourism, Oban webcam. Is that it?"

"That's the one," Dom grinned. "Click on that, yeah?"

"This isn't porn, is it?" Elijah asked suspiciously. "Because it's a bit early in the morning for that."

"Since when is it too early in the morning for you to look at porn?"

Billy snorted. "Since never, as long as I've known him."

"Tell Billy to shut up," Elijah demanded.

"Bills, Elwood says to shut up."

"Dom, tell Elwood to bite me."

"Elwood, Billy says to bite him."

"Dom, tell Billy--"

"No!" Dom exclaimed. "You two are making me nauseous, it's like watching a bad tennis game on the deck of a rolling ship. Have you pulled up that site yet, or what, you wanker?"

"Yeah, it's loaded. But all I see is a grey and kind of dismal looking harbour. What am I supposed to be seeing?"

"Wait for it," he grinned.

Billy chuckled and began waving his hand back and forth.

"And there's ... I don't know, that one went too fast. Some white building," Elijah said. "Where is this, anyway?"

"Oban," Dom said helpfully.

"Thanks very much. I hadn't gotten that from the whole Oban webcam thing," Elijah said sarcastically. "And now I see--Holy fucking shit! It's you! You're on the phone and Billy's waving like a fucking moron!" Elijah exclaimed, delighted.

Dom laughed, could hardly get the words out to tell Billy he apparently looked like a moron.

Billy flipped the bird at the camera, but he was too late.

"Oh, you're gone," Elijah was disproportionately disappointed. "You'll be back, right? How long does this thing take to cycle through?"

"I don't know, you're the one looking at it. But you said we're right after the white building--which is the Oban Inn, by the way. Just in case you're bored, waiting to see my gorgeous phizzog again."

"Yours?" Billy asked, pouting. "What about mine?"

"Well, that goes without saying, Bills," Dom said soothingly. "I'm surprised Elijah can see us at all, the way you outshine the sun and everything."

"I'm surprised, too," he agreed happily.

"Have you two been drinking? And what the hell's a phizzog?" Elijah asked. "Oh, here's the Inn again--"

Dom quickly jumped up to stand on the bench seat and wave madly.

"There you are--look at you on the bench, you're such a jackass. How's Billy doing, anyway?" Elijah asked, concerned. "I can't tell how he looks, you guys are too far from the camera. But he looks like he's smiling--oh shit, you're gone again."

Dom climbed down off the bench. "Billy's doing great," he said, catching Billy's eyes and smiling. "We're on a road trip today, it's been fantastic."

"I'm glad you guys are having fun. I know how much you've missed him."

"No," Dom grinned. "You don't, actually."

"What do you mean?"

"Never mind. Do you want to say hi to him?" At Elijah's eager agreement, Dom handed the phone to Billy.

Billy said, "Hey Elwood," and then he paused, and then he laughed.

Dom watched him as he talked to Elijah. Normally Billy was quite good at keeping his emotions off his face no matter who was around, but for some reason he wasn't doing so now. Was it because he was distracted and just didn't realise it? Or was it because the only person who could see him was Dom, and he didn't feel the need to hide any of his thoughts from Dom anymore? He really hoped it was the latter, and he watched amusement, pleasure, a little discomfort, and then mild annoyance flit across Billy's face. Upon seeing the annoyance, Dom tuned back in to what Billy was saying.

"Yes, it was mutual, Elijah. Adults can do that, you know. Not everything has to end in melodrama and broken hearts, it was over and we both realised there was little point in flogging a dead horse." He paused, then rolled his eyes and dropped his head back. "Yes, I am going to stay friends with her ... Why? Because I'm fond of her and she's a good friend ...  well, no, I'm not about to spend a week with her at her mother's, but will I go out for a pint with her? Absolutely--probably in a couple weeks ... because I like her! More than I like you at this particular moment, you wanker. She makes me laugh ... yes, I know Dom makes me laugh too--" A vein in his temple began to throb.

Dom plucked the phone out of Billy's fingers. He breezily said, "Well, it's been good to talk to you, Elwood, I'm glad the webcam worked but we have a road trip to continue on with here, and while we both love and adore you, Billy is about done with this conversation so we'll call you again soon, yeah mate? Take care and say hi to anyone you like for us, bye!" He shut his phone off and closed it with a decisive snap, then gently said, "He's worried about you."

Billy sighed. "I know he is. He's also too bloody nosy sometimes."

Dom sat beside him on the bench, his elbow brushing Billy's. "I don't think it's being nosy so much as being concerned and completely oblivious that he's going a little too far. He's not as bad for that when he's in the same room, but over the phone? He royally sucks at tact."

Billy snorted. "He does, doesn't he? Ach, but he's a good kid."

"Kid?" Dom teased, hoping to lighten Billy's mood a bit. "Feeling old, are we?"

But Billy leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees. "Yeah, I am, rather."

"What?" Dom asked, surprised. "Why?"

He didn't answer for a moment, then quietly said, "I'm nearly thirty-seven, Dom. I'm almost forty. You're not even thirty yet."

"So?" Dom was genuinely confused. "If it didn't matter when we were just mates, why would it now?"

"Because--because ... " He trailed off, and Dom was about to say 'see?', when he finally said, "Because mates don't share everything. Mates don't plan on spending the rest of their lives together. And when I go into a relationship, I assume it's going to last, otherwise why start it in the first place?"

"I agree with assuming it's going to last," Dom said firmly. "But I planned on having you in my life, for the rest of my life, whether we were mates or married or anywhere in between. I don't care if you're thirty, forty, or eighty, Bills--as long as we still act the way we want, say what we want, and take the piss out of each other on a regular basis, not to mention love each other for who we are, then that's all that fucking matters, you git. Now, I thought we said no more solemnity? Obviously I'm slacking off in the flirting department, I'll have to get back on that. Where were we headed when we stopped for the webcam thing?"


"No, Bill," he said quietly, kindly. "No ramifications, no repercussions. Not today. There's just been too much today, you know? Let's just have a bit of a lark, like only you and I can. Let's terrorise the town of Oban, hold it hostage to our wit. What do you say?"

Billy took a deep breath, then lifted his head to smile at Dom. "I say--look out Oban." He got to his feet. "Come on, then, I don't know when this shop closes."

As they continued down the pavement in the direction they'd originally been headed, Dom asked, "So have you been here a lot, then?"

"Enough to be familiar with it. Was here with my parents once or twice when Marg and I were kids, I've taken the ferry from here a few times. And Ali and I stayed here several times. That's how I know where all the shops are," he said wryly.

"And are you going to buy me lingerie like you did her? Because I don't know if they'll have anything in my size ... " Dom said innocently.

"It's not a lingerie shop, wanker," Billy grinned. "But let me know your size, just in case I ever happen across a pretty wee merry widow in your colour."

"Oh, I'm probably about a ... what do you think? A fourteen?" He held his arms out to the sides as they walked and looked down. "A fourteen tall?"

"Tall?" Billy hooted. "You wish, mate. And I don't think you're quite voluptuous enough for a fourteen. Maybe a twelve."

"I am so voluptuous enough," Dom protested, his hands sliding suggestively down his sides. "I have lovely hips, I'll have you know."

Keeping his eyes straight ahead, Billy smirked and said, "I'm not arguing with that. I'm just saying your hips are slender and flat. But I didn't say they weren't lovely."

"Ahh, been noticing my hips, have you Boyd?" Dom asked smugly. "Admit it. You just want me for my fabulous body."

"I want you and your fabulous body."

Dom's breath hitched. He'd known he was going to get a quick comeback on that one, but he hadn't been expecting one that sounded quite so ... wonderful. Billy had almost sounded like he meant it, and Dom supposed, judging by what had been said and done earlier in the day, that he probably did in a way. He wondered if Billy had any clue at all that Dom could have said the same thing and meant it with every fibre of his being.

"Dom?" Billy said uncertainly. "Sorry--was that too much?"

"What? No--God, no. Sorry, Bills," Dom grinned, reddening. "You got me with that one. That was--I don't know if you want to know this or not, but that sounded awfully good."

Billy chuckled, a little embarrassed himself. "Oh. Well then ... I guess that's all right, yeah? Oh, here it is," he said with more than a little relief, gesturing to a shop across the street.

Dom looked. "Sweetie's? You sure it's not lingerie, Bill?"

"Quite. Do you remember what we were talking about earlier, Dom?" Billy looked both directions and then jogged across the road.

Dom sprinted after him. "Care to be a bit more specific? If there's one thing you and I are good at, it's talking."

"About needing to restock on junk food before heading home."

"Yeah. Why?"

"You said something about needing supplies?" Billy opened the door for him, and Dom was immediately assailed by a creamy, sugary sweet smell that started his mouth watering.

He walked into the sweet shop, looking around. "Bloody hell. I hope you have lots of room on your credit card, Boyd."

Billy chuckled. "Enough, I should think. Sherbets are over there, if you want to go and browse," he pointed down one wall. "I'm just going to go pick out some chocolates." With a wide grin, he walked away, leaving Dom staring after him.

Okay, so was he even remotely serious? Dom wondered, because he couldn't quite wrap his brain around the idea that Billy just told him to go and buy something to lick off him later. But on the off chance that he was even considering it, Dom hurried down to choose three flavours of sherbet powder.

He was just deciding on the last one--either sour apple or raspberry, and what flavour exactly was gunpowder, anyway?--when Billy wandered up behind him.

"Do you like caramels, Dom?"

"Yeah, why?"

"No reason." He wandered off again.

Dom swallowed, chose the raspberry, and went to look at the boiled sweets. He was delighted to find an old favourite. "Billy!" he called across the now otherwise-empty shop. "They have barley sugar! I haven't had that since I was a kid!"

"So get some, you twit," he grinned. "I'm getting whisky fudge, soor plooms, and treacle toffee, myself."

Dom goggled. "You'll share, right?"

Half an hour later, the two exited the sweet shop with what felt like some of everything in their carrier bags. Dom happily sucked on an aniseed ball while Billy tried to unstick the last of a Russian caramel from his teeth. "We re'y shodn gon'n air unny," he said around his tongue.

"I fancy myself an excellent Billy-interpreter," Dom said, his small hard candy tucked neatly in his cheek, "But you lost me on that one."

Billy finally worked the last bit of caramel free and smiled. "We really shouldn't have gone in there hungry," he clarified. "But it was a successful shopping spree, I suppose."

"Eminently successful," Dom agreed, thinking with a little thrill deep in his stomach of the sherbet powder and the many varieties of chocolates Billy had tucked in his carrier bag. "But we should probably consider a real meal. Have you decided where I'm buying you dinner?"

"Definitely. You're taking me down to the pier."

"Oh, aren't I the big spender? Getting you a bag of fish and chips, am I?"

Billy chuckled. "On the contrary. I'm thinking scallops with some risotto, and maybe a crème brulee for pudding."

"That's one hell of a classy pier-side vendor," Dom grinned.

"Wanker," Billy laughed. "It's the Waterfront Restaurant. See where the ferry is?" He pointed across the harbour.

Dom looked, and his forehead wrinkled. "What, in that warehouse-looking thing?"

"It's actually the old seaman's mission. But the look isn't important, it's the food. Trust me--your stomach will thank me later."

Two hours later Dom sat back with a contented sigh. "That was bloody fantastic. Aren't you glad I thought of this place?"

Billy chuckled. "Yes, that was very smart of you. The smoked salmon was good?"

"Among the best I've ever had," Dom averred. "And after that crème brulee, I think you're going to have to carry me to the car."

"I was thinking a taxi to the car, myself," he grinned. "Thanks for dinner, Dom. Are you satisfied now I've had a real meal?"

"I am. But you're going to have to make sure you continue that trend. You've been eating like shite lately, and I rather suspect you have been for the past two weeks. And no offence, Bills, but it's starting to show."

"Worried, Dom?" Billy smiled, but didn't meet his eyes.

"You know I am."

"Yeah. I know you are. And I'm sorry I let myself wallow in misery to the point that you felt you had to," he said quietly, a little ashamed. "I don't know why I ... I'm not usually like that."

"I know you're not, idiot," Dom said fondly. "And I most certainly didn't feel like I had to worry, but I was concerned nonetheless. Although I should tell you I do understand, at least mostly, I think. Not only did your past and present go arse over tit when you and Ali broke it off, but in looking at--you know, this," he gestured between the two of them, "It has the potential to turn your future on its ear, too, doesn't it? 'S an awful lot to work with, all at once."

"Kind of, yeah," Billy said, then quickly moved on. "So I look like I've not been eating, do I?"

"You look like you've lost at least a stone, Bill. And you look a bit peaky, although that could still be the aftereffects of your little bender."

Billy frowned down at the table. "You really know how to make someone feel like a prizewinner, don't you?'

"I don't mean to. I'm just telling it like I see it, Bills, you know that," Dom said, feeling a tinge of sadness.

He sighed. "I know. I know, Dom, I'm sorry." He finally met Dom's eyes across the table. "What d'you say we get out of here, yeah?"

"Yeah," Dom smiled at him.

"Did you want to go home, or would you mind if I took you to one more place?" Billy asked as Dom put his credit card in the leather folder. "It's close by, and we wouldn't be there that long anyway."

"No, that's fine. Whatever you like, Bills, I'm having a great time. I'm easy."

Billy finally grinned at him again. "So I hear."


Dom walked over to climb into one of the openings in the thick stone wall, looking out over the town and the harbour. It was fully dark, but the lights showed the boundaries of the shops and pubs and homes below, and the nearly-full moon overhead lit sparks and flashes off the sea.

"This is great, Bill," he said with a smile. "Scotland's own Roman Coliseum--just not so ruined. What is this place, anyway?" He glanced to each side, the stone wall with its arched windows curving back and around him.

"A family monument, believe it or not. The bloke who had it built decided there were too many stone masons out of work over the winter months, so he gave them something to do," Billy explained, crossing to stand in the window to the right of Dom's. "I forget his name. But it's got a nice view, and I've never been up here at night. Wanted to try it when there was a moon out."

"If I didn't know better," Dom said with a little smile, "I'd say you brought me up here because it's romantic."

"What makes you think you know better?" Billy asked with a smile of his own, then walked away to look out from another vantage point.

Dom moved in the opposite direction, looking out towards the town square instead of the harbour. He waited. If Billy came over within the next minute, then Dom would know they were here because Billy had specifically wanted to bring Dom here. If he wandered off to check out yet another view, then Dom would know he'd ... well, he'd just wanted to come here for himself, really. But then Dom began to wonder if he was being juvenile, counting on one random act by another person to predict something so important, and he was just in the process of convincing himself that there was absolutely no validity to his little test when Billy walked up to the same opening in the wall that Dom was gazing from, and stopped slightly behind him.

"So is it?" he asked, his voice hushed, as if the stone structure around them might hold and circulate and amplify his words.

"Is it what?" Dom asked, thrown off-guard.

"Is it romantic?"

Dom smiled slowly, amused his test had worked after all. "What do you think?" He turned, took one step, and kissed Billy softly, sweetly on the mouth, his hands slowly creeping up to Billy's neck, then up again to cradle his face.

"Mm-hmm," Billy agreed, his hum vibrating against Dom's lips, against his tongue as it twined with Billy's. After a moment, Billy kissed his way from Dom's mouth to his jaw, to his earlobe, and he flicked it lightly with the tip of his tongue.

Dom let his hands fall to Billy's shoulders and, after quickly ensuring they were alone in the structure, gently pushed him to the side, to the inside of the wall, leaning him against it as he ducked his head to lick a delicate path down Billy's neck. He paused to dip his tongue into the hollow at the base of Billy's throat, before moving back up to nip lightly at the muscle just below his ear.

Billy made a tiny, nearly inaudible sound of pleasure before laughing breathily and saying, "Yeah, I'd say it's romantic. It's also sexy as hell."

Dom's smile curved against Billy's throat as he nuzzled against Billy's jaw. "Mmm. It is, rather, isn't it? I can taste the moonlight on your skin."

Billy breathed in deeply with a little shudder. "Dom ... "

"Yes, Bills?" He sucked on the skin just underneath Billy's jaw, the beard stubble of several days prickling and scratching against his lips.

"Don't say things like that."

Dom paused. "Don't say things like that for real, or don't say things like that because you like them just a little too much?"

"The latter." Suddenly Billy's hands were on the sides of Dom's head, pulling him up, and he crushed his mouth against Dom's, his tongue finding entry and slipsoftsliding against Dom's lips, his teeth, his tongue. Without breaking the kiss, he turned them around until it was Dom's back against the wall, and Billy leaned into him, pressing against him, hip bone to hip bone.

Dom made a quiet noise in the back of his throat when he felt Billy's growing erection against his own.  It felt like it took nearly everything he had, but he kept himself from grinding their pelvises together, kept himself from wrapping his leg around Billy and practically humping him, and he kept himself from getting too aggressive with the kiss. Let Billy control it for now, let him move at his own pace, because if Dom pushed too hard Billy might back off again, and Dom was desperate to keep him from doing that. But when Billy purposely shifted his hips against his, Dom had to say something. He finally pulled his lips from Billy's and murmured, "Don't do things like that, Bills."

"Don't do things like that for real, or don't do things like that because you like them just a little too much?" Billy asked with little chuckle against Dom's skin, still dropping light kisses and nibbles up the curve of his jaw line.

"Most definitely the latter," Dom averred, a little breathless. "I'm serious, though, Bill. Unless you want things to move forward right now, you'd better ease up a bit. I want this, and I'm about ten seconds from putting my hand down your pants."

Billy immediately pulled back a bit with a groan, staying within touching and kissing distance, but putting a bit of space between their bodies so they were no longer hip to hip. "Sorry, Dom," he apologised softly, punctuated with a swift firm kiss. "I sometimes forget that you're ... a bit ahead of me. You've known--known where you are for a little longer than I have, I suppose. I didn't think about ... "

"In a way I've known," Dom admitted. "I knew I was--I wanted you. But I didn't know, didn't think this was actually going to happen. I'm not sure I quite believe it, even after kissing you," he said, eyes on Billy's lips.

"Then I suppose I'll have to keep kissing you until you believe it, won't I?" Billy whispered, and leaned in.

"I suppose you will," Dom breathed, right before Billy's mouth covered his.

Chapter 10