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Title: You're A Map Of A Place Maybe Someday I'll Go Ch. 19/22
Author: Pip
Pairing: Billy/Dom
Rating: this chapter NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't know 'em, never met 'em, this is all lies.
Feedback: Would be treasured beyond pearls.
Archive: Not without permission.

A/N: Thanks to fitofpique and elmathelas for the brilliant betas, and to buckle_berry for the fabulous Britpick. This fic would not be the same without you three, and I thank you from the bottom of my squishy little heart.

Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

First posted Aug, 2006

Billy walked into the kitchen where Dom was making them both a cup of tea, and he hovered by the table, the fingers of one hand skating across the back of a chair. "Dom?"

"Yeah?" He turned and handed Billy his mug. "Careful, it's hot."

"Thanks. It's--it's good. Thanks." He kept his eyes lowered, then blurted out, "Would you mind if I--shite. If I ... ah, shite. I don't know how to say it."

Dom leaned back against the counter, carefully setting his mug down. "Just spit it out, Bill." He tried not to tense up, to assume something bad was about to come spilling out of Billy's mouth, but if the sod didn't hurry up and say something quick--

"Would you mind if I stay away from you for a bit? Fuck, I knew that would sound awful," he cursed, his free hand tightening into a fist.

"Relax," Dom murmured. "Tell me what you mean by a bit?"

"I don't know. A couple hours, maybe."

Dom couldn't help the smile of relief that crossed his lips. "Is that all? Jesus, Bill, I thought you were kicking my arse back to Hawaii already or something."

"No," he said sharply, his knuckles whitening. "Don't you dare fucking leave."

"Leave? Not a chance." Dom took the few steps to reach Billy and pulled his head forward until their foreheads were touching, even though Billy's eyes were still on his cup of tea cradled between them. "Billy, time by yourself is nothing. It's your right, and not something you need to ask my fucking permission for."

"I wasn't asking your permission. I just wanted to make sure you wouldn't mind."

"Isn't that the same thing?" Dom teased gently.

"No, and you know it."

"I know. Do you want me to leave for a bit? I'll tell you what. I'll go and pick up some shopping, yeah? We'll stay in for dinner tonight, how does that sound?"

Billy bit his lip, then nodded, his forehead rocking against Dom's. "How long will you be gone?"

Dom paused, frowned. The fact that Billy had even asked that was out of character, and it was troubling. "Are you all right? Why do you want to be away from me, am I doing something wrong--?"

"No," Billy said quickly, his free hand opening to rise and rest against Dom's chest. "No, you're not doing anything wrong, not a thing. I--I want to keep to myself for a bit, and do some thinking. I need to think. I need ... well, I just need to think, you know? But--but I might--" He stuttered to a halt, and his eyes clenched shut. "Fuck, this is so hard, Dom."

"Just say it."

"I might need you to--to help me get it together," he muttered low and fast.

Dom took the mug from Billy's hand, and as he set it aside on the table he murmured, "It really pisses you off to say that, doesn't it?"


He wrapped his arms around Billy in another tight hug. "Thank you for saying it anyway. I just need to run down to Sainsbury's and that little greengrocer's around the corner, shouldn't be more'n half an hour. Then I'll be here, puttering around. Here for whatever you need, Bill. Take all the time you want, yeah?"

"Yeah. Thanks." Billy's voice was hoarse in his ear.

"'S what best mates are for," Dom smiled, and then pulled back just enough to give Billy a firm kiss and say, "Love you, Bills," against his lips.

"Love you, too." Billy's eyes were closed, a deep line etched into his forehead. "I do. I love you, Dom." He kissed Dom back with a pressure that felt like relief, and then turned to walk down the hall. The door to his bedroom closed with a quiet click.

Nearly two hours later Dom was wedged in the corner of the sofa, feet up on the cushions, writing in his journal resting on his folded up knees when Billy walked into the room. Dom looked up at him immediately, but the only thing he could see were perhaps some deepened shadows under Billy's eyes. The rest of his face was blank, at rest. "Hey, Bill."

"Hey," he replied, his voice even. "Smells too damn good out here, couldn't hear myself think over the growling in my stomach."

"Dinner's ready whenever you want it. I kept it warm in the oven."

Billy's eyebrows drew together just a fraction. "You've already eaten, haven't you?"

"Of course not," Dom said in surprise. "C'mon, I'll dish it up." He closed his journal and set it aside, then climbed to his feet. Grabbing Billy's hand, he dragged him along into the kitchen. "Hope you don't hate aubergine, or we're bollocksed."

"No, I don't. Doesn't smell like aubergine, though."

"That's the cheese. It's aubergine parmesan," Dom explained, beaming. "One of my favourites, and I make it damn well, if I do say so myself. You got any red wine hidden around this flat?" As he asked, he donned the oven mitts and pulled a large aluminum foil-covered baking dish out of the oven.

"Yeah. Loads. Ali wouldn't drink it." Billy turned and stooped to open a narrow low cupboard. He pulled out a bottle, and began rooting in a drawer for the bottle opener.

Two minutes later they sat at the table, steaming plates of aubergine parmesan and vegetables before them. Billy picked bits of cork out of his glass with his pinky. "Did I get it all from yours?" he asked, nodding towards Dom's glass.

"Yeah. Remind me to open the bottle next time," Dom grinned.

"I break the goddamned cork every fucking time," Billy sighed, and picked up his utensils.

A further silent two minutes later, Dom raised one eyebrow. "So, how is it?"

"Don't interrupt me, I'm eating here," Billy said with the smallest of smiles.

Dom grinned at him. "I'll take that as a compliment then, yeah?"

Billy nodded and ate another forkful.

By the time they'd finished dinner Billy had said no more than ten words to Dom's hundreds, though the ten he'd uttered were pleasant enough. Dom sat back with a sigh, fingers toying with the stem of his wine glass. He smiled ruefully across the table at Billy. "You've gone non-verbal on me, haven't you?"

Billy drained his wine. "Apparently. Sorry."

"Don't be daft. What would you like to do, then?"


Dom waited, but that seemed to be the extent of Billy's input. "All right, how about we loll on the sofa? Watch a film, have some ice cream? No verbs necessary."

Billy nodded. "Sounds good."

Dom rose to his feet. "All right. You go and choose the film and put it in, I'll bring the ice cream. You want coffee?" When Billy nodded again, Dom pulled the coffeemaker forward and began to set it up.

Billy stacked the dishes in the sink. "Do 'em later."

"We'll do them tomorrow," Dom agreed. "Go on, get out of my kitchen."

"I'll do them tomorrow." The smile on Billy's face was small, but it was genuine. "Dinner was fantastic, Dom. Thanks." He headed out the door to the living room, but poked his head back through to add, "Oh, and my kitchen, wanker."

When Dom joined him in the living room with two bowls of honeycomb ice cream, Billy was slouched on the sofa, sock feet propped on the coffee table in front of him. Dom glanced at the TV, but the DVD player had been paused on a completely black screen. "What're you making me watch? It better not be Magnolia again, Tom Cruise makes me want to scrape my fingernails on a blackboard just to have something more soothing to listen to."

Billy snorted. "Gimme my ice cream, twat."

Dom sat beside him. "I've never had honeycomb ice cream before. Is it as good as it sounds?"

"Mm," Billy answered, spoon already in his mouth. "Aye." He pressed the play button on the remote and shifted closer to Dom. "Hope this is all right."

Dom grinned at him. "You can sit as close as you like, lover."

Billy flipped his ice cream-smeared spoon up to catch Dom on the chin, leaving a wet glob that threatened to drip. When Dom glared at him, Billy leaned in and, pausing only for a moment with his lips near Dom's, proceeded to clean Dom's chin off with his warm pointed tongue.

"Mmm," Dom rumbled happily.

When he had tidied Dom up to his satisfaction, Billy sat back again, and they both wordlessly resumed eating their ice cream, but this time sat so close they pressed together from shoulder to knee.

An hour into the film, Dom gave up on any pretense of watching it. Instead, he slouched further down into Billy's arms, closed his eyes, and reveled in the feel of Billy's hands wandering, smoothing, stroking over every inch of Dom's body they could easily reach. He tilted his head slightly as Billy's fingertip traced around the outside of his ear, shivering at the vaguely ticklish sensation behind his lobe. He wondered if Billy was doing it absent-mindedly as he watched the movie or if he had completely lost his place in the story like Dom had, focusing instead on the sensuality of his touch.

He had his answer when Billy's hands began to deftly, almost unnoticeably, unbutton Dom's trousers. Rather than slipping his hand down them, however, he slid it up, up underneath Dom's t-shirt, rucking the material around Dom's ribs.

Dom turned his head, pressing his cheekbone against the inside curve of Billy's shoulder, and without looking ran his hand down the outside of Billy's far leg.

Billy kissed the back of his head, ruffled Dom's already messy hair with his nose, and rubbed his fingertips across Dom's nipple until after a moment it hardened to a tiny pebble. He scraped it lightly with his fingernail, making Dom's breath catch and his foot twitch.

Heat coiling low in his belly, Dom blindly reached for the spot he'd seen Billy set the TV remote, fumbled it into his right hand, and shut off the TV. In the abrupt silence Billy's breath sounded quick in his ear, and Dom distractedly wondered if he would still taste subtly of honey from the ice cream. He was suddenly desperate to find out. He awkwardly turned just enough to grab the nape of Billy's neck and pull his head downwards before kissing him hard, tongue plunging between soft lips to taste, lick, lap at the silky wet heat inside his mouth. "Mmm," he hummed a moment later. "Honey."

"Yes, dear?" Billy murmured, and nuzzled at Dom's earlobe.

"No, I meant--" The smile in Billy's voice sank in, and Dom snorted. "Twat."

"Not the last time I looked," Billy continued to tease. "Maybe I should let you take me to bed and see for yourself?"

"Maybe you should," Dom agreed, and ghosted his palm over the crotch of Billy's trousers. "Maybe I should very slowly and thoroughly investigate your bits. Just to be sure I'm properly acquainted with them, you understand."

"But of course," Billy said solemnly. "It wouldn't do for you to be a stranger to my bits." He gently nipped Dom's earlobe and then kissed the corner of his jaw.

"No, that certainly wouldn't do." Dom rubbed more firmly at the placket of Billy's jeans, and purred, "That wouldn't do at all."

"Nngh," Billy grunted, hips rocking slightly against Dom's hand. "Come on. Let's take this to the bedroom."

"What, you don't want to stay here? You seemed to enjoy it last time." Dom wiggled his eyebrows.

"I did enjoy it last time." Billy gave him a gentle shove to sit him up. "But one of these days we're going to run out of luck--or aim--and I'm going to have an embarrassingly stained sofa on my hands."

"That's what conveniently placed cushions and blankets are for." Dom grinned but climbed to his feet. He held his hand out to Billy and, when it was grasped, pulled him up.

"Manky git," Billy grumbled, the corner of his mouth twitching.

"Yes, but I'm your manky git."

"And thank God for that." Billy pulled him forward, off-balance, and while he was still trying to gain his footing, Billy gripped the back of Dom's skull with one hand and kissed him hard. Billy's other hand slid down into the front of Dom's unzipped trousers and squeezed his prick.

Gleeful--and almost unbearably horny--Dom decided two could play that game, and he drove his hips forward, trapping Billy's hand between their bodies. When he began rocking up on his toes, pushing his hard length into Billy's palm, he felt more than heard Billy growl deep in his throat. Billy began to push back, and Dom realised Billy was grinding himself against the back of his own hand. The knowledge sent a spark to Dom's groin so sharp it almost hurt, and he tore his mouth from Billy's to raggedly insist, "Either the bedroom or the sodding floor right here. Now."

Billy chuckled breathlessly, and his voice was uneven as he said, "Come on, then. I'm too old to be rolling about on the floor when there's a nice comfy bed down the hall." He pulled his hand from Dom's trousers.

"Start getting naked, Boyd. I'll get the lube," Dom called, already sprinting for the bedroom. He laughed, though, when Billy--sounding a bit strangled--called out from right where Dom had left him in the living room.


"Do you trust me, Bill?" Dom shouted, his jumper muffling his words as he yanked it off over his head.

"Well--yeah, but ... "

"If you thought it was great last time, wait 'til you try it with lube!" It took Dom to a count of 'four Manchester U' to finish stripping, grab the bottle of lube from his bag and sprawl on the bed naked, and for Billy to arrive in the doorway and hover.

"Last time? So you, you didn't mean ... " Billy trailed off, turning scarlet.

"That one of us was getting buggered up the arse? No." Dom rolled onto his knees and shuffled to the end of the bed. "C'mere, Bills." He waited until Billy crossed to stand directly in front of him. "Not until and unless we've discussed whether we even want to, until we're both ready, and we've both had all the important test-type things applicable. And I'm not ready, Bill. I'm not going to sneak up on you with this."

Despite still being an impressive shade of crimson, Billy gave him a wry smile. "Well, it's not like I thought I was going to wake up one morning to find you'd been quietly rogering me in my sleep."

Dom laughed delightedly. "No, but I wonder if I could get you even partway through a blowjob without waking."

"I don't know," Billy managed, "But I think we just might have to find out sometime."

"I thought you might say that. Um, Bill?"


"Are you planning on shedding any of that clothing any time soon? Because I don't fancy getting zip burn on my percy, thank you very much."

Billy pulled his jumper off over his head. "What, are your hands broken, then?"

"And here I thought I was going to get a striptease," Dom sighed, and popped open the button on Billy's jeans. "Hurry up."

Billy raised his eyebrow. "I can tease you if that's what you want."

"I said striptease, you twat." He yanked the zipper down and briskly shoved Billy's denims and boxers down to mid-thigh, freeing his heavy erection.

"Hmm, seems someone wants to play rough--"

"I don't want to play anything," Dom said more sharply than he'd intended, and he flushed. "I want you on top of me, Billy. I need this."

Billy cupped Dom's cheek with one warm palm, thumb grazing his cheekbone. "Okay, taisgeal," he murmured. "Sorry, yeah?"

"Yeah, yeah. Come on," Dom urged, but briefly rested the weight of his head against Billy's hand.

Billy pushed his trousers down the rest of the way and kicked them off, then pulled off his socks before finally removing his t-shirt last. He climbed onto the bed on his hands and knees and lay down facing Dom, who had moved up to lay his head on Billy's pillow. After a moment, he brushed Dom's cheek with his knuckles, then leaned in to kiss him.

Dom closed his eyes and opened his mouth, letting Billy set the pace. He hadn't been exaggerating when he'd told Billy he needed this, but he wasn't sure exactly what Billy needed--he'd had a rough day, after all. He put one arm over Billy, rubbing slowly up and down his back, over his arse, and he twined their legs together. Every so often their erections brushed, and just when Dom didn't know how much longer he could wait, Billy broke the kiss with a groan.

"I thought you said something about lube?"

Dom grinned, breathless. "Yeah, I seem to recall something like that. It's on the nightstand next to you."

As Billy rolled over to reach it, Dom flopped on top of him, kissing his neck and nibbling his shoulder. When he ground his aching cock against Billy's arse cheek, Billy bucked him off and rolled over to trap Dom in return.

"You looking for something, Monaghan?" Billy growled, but couldn't quite keep his lips from curving up.

"You against my prick, as a matter of fact." Dom arched underneath Billy to illustrate his point. "Do you want to do the honours, or shall I?"

In reply, Billy snapped open the lid of the bottle and gave it a squeeze, re-capped it, and tossed it aside. He shifted onto his side, and with a palm full of lube wrapped his hand around Dom's cock, smearing the slickness with one swift turn of his wrist.

"Nnngh," Dom grunted. He abstractedly wondered if he was drooling; his mouth was slack as every neuron in his brain focused on the need throbbing between his legs. His fingers clutched first at Billy's shoulder, then his arse, trying to pull him closer. He had to bite his tongue in order not to whimper in a very unmanly way when Billy slid his hand off Dom's cock and onto his own, spreading the rest of the lube over his own flesh. Dom watched hungrily.

Billy laid his head down on the pillow, and Dom felt Billy's eyes on his face, watching the desire flicker there as Billy pulled slowly at his own cock.

"Do you have any idea how hot that is?" Dom managed, not lifting his gaze from neat fingers working an increasingly darkening erection. "You could fucking get me from zero to sixty in ten seconds, just watching you do this."

"You'd better believe I'm going to keep that in mind," Billy said, and arched his neck. "Just have to--" His voice hitched. "To catch up with you."

"Oh, fuck, I don't care about that, Bill--" Dom's voice temporarily failed him when Billy's hips rocked forward and his hand pulled Dom's hard prick into his grasp. Their slicked cocks slipped against each other, the head of Billy's nudging just under the glans of Dom's. "Jesus," he gasped, and his fingers convulsively dug into Billy's arse.

"Fuck--fuck--fuck--" Billy panted, and suddenly he was levering himself up on his free arm, angling toward Dom to assail his mouth, a barrage of teeth and tongue and lips.

Dom raked his blunt nails up and down Billy's back, kissed him fiercely in return, nibbling and licking Billy's mouth, his chin, his throat. "Want you so much," he growled, his voice like velvet over gravel. "Even when you're--yeah, Christ, like that, that's good--even when you're giving me the best--oh, god--the best handfuck I've ever had--still want you so much I'm fucking blind with it--"

Billy's hand grew erratic, and the stuttery pulling on his erection drove Dom over the edge.

"Billy--Jesus, Bill, I'm going to--oh god, oh god oh god--" Dom's cock pulsed in Billy's grip and his hips snapped up as he came, the thick fluid spurting over Billy's hand and Dom's own belly. He cried out, a wordless sound of release and gratification.

"You make such--fucking erotic--noises--" Billy puffed, hand and hips both working in an awkward rhythm. "So close, Dom--so close--"

Chest still heaving, prick still twitching with the slow, tapering aftershocks of a good orgasm, Dom covered Billy's hand with his own and took over the pace. The firmer grip, the lack of control over the rhythm, Dom's tongue laving a trail over his collarbone--all combined to vault Billy into his own orgasm with a loud shout.

"Oh, fucking fuck! Don't stop--Jesus, Dom--oh my god--"  Billy writhed against him, his come shooting up his belly as Dom continued to work him. "Don't stop, Dom, faster, don't you dare fucking stop, Jesus Christ--" he gasped, his face red and the tendons on his neck standing out in sharp relief. "Don't, don't stop, don't fucking stop, Dom, don't stop, don't ... don't stop ... don't ... stop ... " His voice trailed off as his body went slack. "Okay ... you can stop now ... " he panted.

Dom chuckled and then kissed him soundly. "You're the sexiest bastard I've ever known, Bills. So you like the lube, do you?"

"I love the lube," Billy said fervently, still trying to catch his breath. "God, I'm lucky I'm in halfway decent shape or that might have killed me."

"Nah. I'm good, but I'm not that good. At most you would have been in a coma for the night." Dom rolled on top of Billy, laughing when he made a face at the feel of cold come squooshing between them. He propped himself up on his elbows and looked down at Billy, his grin softening. "Thank you, Bill. Love you."

"Me, too, taisgeal," Billy said, then yawned. "Mnnph. Coma sounds good right now."

"And go to bed all sticky? I'll take the spare room, then," Dom threatened, wriggling to remind Billy of the uncomfortable feeling of drying come. "Up you get, Boyd."

"Bring me a wet cloth?" Billy asked hopefully.

"Nope. You need a shower, and so do I. However," he waggled his eyebrows, "I think we should conserve water and take them together."

Billy's lips curved up. "That's my Dom. So environmentally conscious."

"It's the right thing to do." Dom adopted a pious expression. "It's the only planet we've got, you know."

"We'd conserve even more water if you just brought me a wet cloth," Billy pointed out with a smirk.

"And we'd conserve even more water if I just licked it all off you, but that's not going to happen either," Dom retorted, rolling off him. "Move your arse, you lazy sod."

"Such love and affection," Billy moaned as he sat up. "The abuse I take is--"

"Astronomical, I know. Come on, my love, I'll even wash your hair for you."

Chapter 20