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Title: You're A Map Of A Place Maybe Someday I'll Go Ch. 21/22
Author: Pip
Pairing: Billy/Dom
Rating: this chapter NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't know 'em, never met 'em, this is all lies.
Feedback: Would be treasured beyond pearls.
Archive: Not without permission.

A/N: Thanks to fitofpique and elmathelas for the brilliant betas, and to buckle_berry for the fabulous Britpick. This fic would not be the same without you three, and I thank you from the bottom of my squishy little heart.

Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

First posted Aug, 2006

The day before Dom had to fly back to Hawaii, they didn't leave the flat.

"Just so you know," Dom said as they lazed in bed in the morning, his fingertips idly tracing Billy's bare hip. "I'm not planning on wearing clothes today."

"I guess the museum's out, then." Billy yawned.

"I'm not planning on doing anything useful," Dom continued. "Nor will I allow you to accomplish anything."

"Now, that's where I draw the line. I had great intentions of accomplishing at least one good orgasm today." Billy rolled over and flopped across Dom, who considered that information.

"Oh. Well, then. I'd hate to keep you from something you had your, erm, heart set on. But not one practical thing. No washing, no dishes, no cooking, no phone calls, nothing. Agreed?"

Billy lifted his head. "No cooking?"


"But what about my tea?" he asked plaintively.

Dom rolled his eyes. "Billy. Boiling water is not cooking."

"It is in this flat."

"Pathetic sod." Dom shoved him off and wriggled to the edge of the bed, then climbed to his feet. "I'll bring you breakfast and your tea."

"Oh--you really do love me," Billy said, and batted his lashes.

"Not that much--it's only the fruit salad we bought yesterday and cheap bagged Typhoo."

"I like Typhoo!" Billy protested.

Dom shook his head, muttering as he left the room. " ... Typhoid, more like. Don't know what I'm going to do with you ... "

Billy called after him, "I can think of a few ideas, if you can't!"

Dom licked the last of the fruit juice from Billy's fingers with gusto. "Mmm," he hummed. "Mango Billy. A taste sensation."

"I was quite fond of kiwi Dom, myself," Billy said, leaning back against the headboard. He dried his fingers on the bedsheet and then drew Dom closer. "Thanks for feeding me breakfast."

"You're welcome." Dom kissed him, lazily and at length, the faint sweet stickiness of fruit still on their lips. It was incredible, he mused as Billy's legs twined with his, how perfectly they fit together. Billy's mouth was soft, his tongue teasing, his hand lying just so on Dom's arse, and there were no knees, no elbows, no sharp pointy bits to distract from the utter comfort and bliss of being in each other's arms.

Billy's mouth slid from Dom's lips to his jaw line, and his tongue tasted the small dimple on Dom's chin. "Since it's Not Wearing Clothes Day," he murmured against Dom's throat a moment later, just before rubbing a thumb across one dusky nipple, "I suppose that means you'll be naked."

"That's the general idea, yes," Dom replied, and his eyes fluttered closed as he concentrated on the feeling of Billy's tongue in the hollow of his throat, of the thumb that dragged across his nipple. "Mmm."

"So I suppose that if you were to, say, stand at the end of the bed ... " He paused long enough to nuzzle his way back up to Dom's ear and nibble his earlobe. "And I were to, say, sit on the end of the bed ... "

"Then--if I'm following you," Dom said, his voice husky and a pleasant warmth beginning to pool between his legs. "If I'm following you, we'd be facing each other. And there would be a noticeable lack of clothing."

Billy caressed the nape of Dom's neck. "Too true. I suppose in that situation, it would only be polite for me to ... "

"Oh, God, yes," Dom agreed fervently.

"Say hello, as it were."

"As it were."

"Would you like that, do you think?" Billy asked, his smile curving against Dom's ear at the absurdity of the question.

"I think--" Dom's prick bobbed into view, "--I think perhaps I might." He had a sudden thought, though, and raised his head to look Billy in the eye. "You've never done that before, though, have you? Given someone a blowjob, I mean."

Billy grinned. "I'm pretty sure I know how it's done, in general."

Dom flicked Billy's chin. "Aren't you smart? I mean that you don't have to, if it's not your thing."

"Never had the opportunity to find out if it's my thing or not," Billy pointed out. "I thought you might like to be involved in that little experiment."

"If you're sure you want to."

"I want to." He kissed Dom full on the mouth, lips warm and damp even before his tongue flicked at Dom's lower lip.

"Mmm," Dom hummed in happiness, his mouth opening to Billy, and his erection stiffened further at the thought that soon those lips and that tongue would be engaged somewhere a little further south.

"Mmm indeed," Billy agreed, licking and nibbling at Dom's mouth. "Shift your arse, then. I'd rather stay upright for this."

With a smacking kiss that only half missed Billy's lips, Dom shuffled off the bed and stood at the end of it. "I'll warn you so you can pull away."

"Okay. I'll see how it goes." Billy walked on his knees down to the end of the mattress, and sat on the edge. With his hands on the backs of Dom's thighs, he drew him in closer, until Dom stood between Billy's knees and his cock gently nudged the bottom of Billy's chin. "Well, hello there," Billy murmured.

Dom tensed a muscle so that his erection bobbed, patting the side of Billy's face. He couldn't help sniggering when Billy rolled his eyes. "You're the one who said hello to it. It was just saying hello back."

"How polite your prick is, Dom," Billy teased. "I'm surprised it didn't bring me flowers and sweets, considering I'm a blowjob virgin and all."

"It didn't want to make you feel pressured."

"How thoughtful."

"It's a very considerate prick, it's true," Dom agreed, resting his hands on Billy's head. "To other people, at least. It does ignore my wishes at times, but what's a bloke to do?"

"Quite." Billy managed to subvert a giggle into a particularly loud throat-clearing. "So, is there anything in particular you like? Anything you hate?"

"No teeth," Dom said immediately. "Other than that, it's all okay with me. Just do whatever you think would feel good, yeah?"

"Yeah." Billy eyed the erection in front of his face sideways for a moment, as if considering a plan of attack, but then lifted one hand to grasp it near the base and steady it. He ran the tip of his nose up the length of it, breathing in Dom's scent.

"Okay?" Dom asked quietly, only able to see the top of Billy's head, not his eyes or his expression.

"Yeah. You smell ... good. Dark, and ... I don't know ... dry. That doesn't make much sense, does it?"

"It does if it does to you," Dom smiled. He stroked Billy's hair, and planted his feet more squarely underneath himself.

Billy opened his mouth slightly and dragged his tongue across Dom's cock, partway up the shaft. "I wonder if mine feels the same."

"Probably." Dom thought about it. "I mean, anatomy doesn't differ that much from man to man, right? So they probably all generally feel alike, at least in that spot. Probably more variety around the head, though."

Billy licked the head of Dom's cock, just under his glans, and then swirled his tongue around as if testing that theory.

"Mmm." Dom's pleasure rumbled in his throat. "That feels good." He kept his eyes open for the moment--while he still could--and watched Billy's hand on him, watched Billy's nose and lips, which was all he could see of his face. "I think you're a natural, Bills."

Billy huffed a chuckle, and it blew cold on Dom's tight wet skin. "Flatterer." He spiraled his tongue once more around the head of Dom's erection, and then took the tip of it between his lips and tongued the slit.

"Jesus," Dom groaned, and slid his hands to Billy's shoulders to hold on.

Loosening his grip with his hand, Billy opened his mouth wider and took in much of Dom's cock, then promptly began to gag.

Dom quickly pulled back. "Don't try to go so deep," he murmured, and stroked Billy's hair as Billy coughed and then cleared his throat to ease the spasm. "You don't need to. It will still feel fucking fabulous."

Billy looked up at him. "So much for being a natural," he said wryly. "Apparently everyone who's ever done this for me has been more talented than I realised."

Grinning, Dom said, "Then you've been a fortunate, fortunate man." He leaned down and kissed Billy, giving him time to loosen up again, until Billy broke the kiss and with one hand on Dom's chest urged him to straighten up.

"All right, let's try this again." Billy looked so intent that Dom wondered if perhaps he didn't really want to, but for some reason was going to push himself anyway.

"Bill." He waited until Billy looked up, a crease between his sandy eyebrows. "You don't have to."

Billy rolled his eyes. "Are you on about that again? I'm not a maidenly wee flower, Dom, I'm a grown man, and if I don’t want to do something, I'll tell you so. All right?"

Dom smiled sheepishly. "Yeah, all right. You just looked so ... determined. I was a little afraid for my manhood, with that fierce look on your face."

Billy chuckled. "Don't worry, I'm not feeling the least bit ferocious. Your manhood is safe in my hands."


"Right. Mouth." Billy leaned in just a little and again swiped his tongue around the head of Dom's cock, then dragged his tongue up the rigid vein on the underside.

Dom returned his hands to Billy's shoulders, leaning just a little for support as Billy wrapped one hand around the base of Dom's cock to hold him steady. "Mmm. I love the feel of your hand on me," Dom rumbled, fingers flexing into the meat of Billy's shoulder. "You have brilliant hands."

Billy responded by taking Dom's erection into his mouth, this time without choking himself. He sucked lightly, leisurely, the flat of his tongue stroking Dom's cock as he did.

"Nngh," Dom grunted, and knew he wasn't going to last long--not this time, at any rate. "You have a brilliant mouth, too. You can make this fast, or faster; there's going to be no slow today. Thought you'd like to know."

The corners of Billy's lips curved up, even around Dom's cock, and he sucked harder, humming.

"Oh, fuck!" Dom yelped. "Faster it is, then."

Billy slid his mouth off, taking the opportunity to swallow, and he laughed. "I take it I'm doing all right, then?"

"Billy, it's you," Dom pointed out, already breathing a bit harder. "Even if you were piss-poor at this--which you're not--I'd be close to coming just from having your fucking gorgeous mouth around me."

One eyebrow cocked, Billy asked, "So today's not a day for subtlety, then?"

"Most definitely not. Today's a day for getting off, and hopefully as many times as possible."

"Good to know, Dom. Good to know." With that, he plunged down onto Dom's flushed erection and sucked for all he was worth, his hand pumping in time with his mouth.

"Oh, holy mother of God!" Dom bellowed, trying desperately not to drive his hips forward in pure and utter reflex. "Billy--oh sweet buggering fuck, Bill--"

Billy's tongue teased, stroked Dom as he sucked; it curved around Dom's length, drove him nearer and nearer the edge. When Dom bucked with a short, sharp snap, Billy used his free hand to grip his hip, fingers digging in.

"Bill--fuck, Bill--" Dom gasped, feeling the telltale tightening in his balls, the trembling in his thighs. "Not long--" As Billy quickly circled the head of Dom's cock with the tip of his tongue and sped the rhythm of his hand, Dom began to pant, and little moans and sounds of pleasure and need tumbled from his lips. "Oh, God ... unh ... so good, Billy--Jesus, yes--harder, please, more, more, Billy--unh--fuck--fuck--fuck I'm going to come, Bill, going to, Jesus, Billy, I'm coming--" Dom ended with a wail the like of which he'd never heard from himself before. He clung to Billy's shoulders as his orgasm wracked his body with a sparking heat and shudders that nearly buckled his knees.

Billy slid his mouth back a little and swallowed convulsively, his fingers tightening around Dom's cock.

The extra grip around him, the suction of Billy's mouth as Dom came, sent Dom up on his toes, uncontrollably pushing into Billy's hand. "Billy--fuck--yeah--oh, Jesus, Bill, please, yeah. Billy ... fuck, Billy ... " His voice trailed off as his climax ebbed, and when Billy let Dom's softening prick slide out of his mouth with a last lick and a kiss, Dom toppled weakly, bonelessly onto the bed. "Fuck me," he moaned, chest heaving.

Billy crawled on top of him, grinding his rigid, leaking erection against Dom's hip. "That could be arranged," he gasped, "If you ask nicely enough," and then kissed Dom hard, mouth open and sloppy and his tongue diving into Dom's mouth. His hands ran down Dom's sides, then  one gripped Dom's waist tightly, the other grabbed his thigh, his prick rubbing urgently against Dom's hip.

Dom tasted himself on Billy's tongue, and while the dull flavour didn't do much for him, the idea that it was his own come he was tasting straight from Billy's mouth made him moan. Billy's voracious kiss swallowed the sound, and Dom found himself letting Billy do anything, take anything he wanted, unable to resist--not that he wanted to anyway. He felt weak as a kitten after his orgasm and in the face of Billy's need, and he was utterly willing to let Billy use him in whatever way he desired. Dom rolled his head away, letting out a noise suspiciously close to a whimper when Billy simply attacked his neck instead of his mouth. "Bill--Billy," Dom panted. "What do you want?"

"You," Billy growled, rocking his hips. "Want you so much. Jesus, you're so fucking sexy, Dom. Seeing you come like that, hard and in my mouth--if I'd been any closer, I would've come right then."

"No, what--what do you want?"

Billy dropped his forehead onto Dom's chest, still grinding his cock against Dom's upper thigh. "Oh, God, I don't know--I don't know, Dom. I just--"

"Stop. Billy, stop." Dom gathered his strength and rolled Billy over, pinning Billy's thighs with one of his own.

Billy groaned in frustration, driving his hips up, trying to find any sort of friction for his aching erection. "Christ's sake, Dom, lemme fucking come--"

"You will. Just tell me how you want to come. Do you want my hand, my mouth, something else? Anything, Bills." Dom leaned forward and licked a swathe across Billy's nipple. "Tell me what you need."

"I need--I need to fuck you. But I'm not ready--we're not ready." He closed his eyes tightly, one hand unconsciously forming a fist. "I need something ... fierce, Dom. Jesus, I don't even know why--"

"Doesn't matter," Dom cut him off. He scrambled to his knees and up the bed, grabbing the lube off the night table.

Opening his eyes to see what Dom was doing, Billy began to protest. "We said--"

"I know," Dom interrupted him for the second time. "You're right, we're not ready. I'm not sure if this will work or not, but if it does, you can be as fierce as you want." Dom opened the bottle and dribbled a bit over Billy's cock. "Spread that around," he urged as he filled his palm, snapped shut the cap of the bottle, and tossed it aside. As Billy slicked up his erection, Dom flopped on his back and liberally coated his entire crotch with the lube. Cock, balls, perineum, and upper thighs all grew slippery, and the sensation was enough to perk his flaccid penis up to a hopeful half-mast.

Billy watched him, quizzical and impatient both. "What are you doing?"

Sure he was as slick as he could get without dripping lube everywhere, Dom carefully rolled onto his knees and elbows, facing the headboard. "Get behind me."


"You want a hard fast fuck, Bills. This is as close as we can get. Now get your prick behind me." Dom insisted.

Billy climbed to his knees and shuffled over. He stroked a hand up Dom's arse and up his spine. "What's the plan?"

"Right up against me," Dom murmured, his hand already reaching back through his legs to cup Billy's erection and guide it forward. When he felt Billy's hips touch his behind, he brought his legs together, trapping Billy's cock between his thighs and crotch. The head of Billy's penis barely stroked the underside of Dom's slippery balls.

"Oh god--" Billy gasped, his hand already clutching at Dom's hip. "Are you suggesting what I think you're suggesting?"

"Yes. I can hold you in place; give it a try."

Billy gingerly canted his hips backward, sliding his erection between Dom's thighs, and then forward, Dom's fingers catching the head and keeping it up against his sack.

"How's that?" Dom asked, enjoying the feeling himself. It was almost as intimate as having Billy up his arse, he imagined.

"Sweet fucking Christ, Dom--what--can you--" Billy's fingers dug into his hip and he rested his forehead on Dom's back. "Is this--"

"Do it, Bill. Fuck me. Fuck me as hard as you want, love."

With a hoarse shout Billy surged up and rammed his hips against Dom's arse, nearly knocking Dom over on his nose. He pulled back as far as he could without slipping free of Dom's thighs, then shoved forward again. "All right?" he panted, already on the ragged edge of his control.

"Yeah--yeah, it's good," Dom quickly said, fingers already adjusting to try and hold Billy's cock in place no matter how frantic his motions.

Both Billy's hands took a bruising grip on Dom's hips, and he pounded hard and fast against Dom, skin slapping on skin with a smack every time he drove forward. "Jesus, Dom--oh god--" Billy gasped, breathless and quaking with need.

"Harder," Dom urged, his own breaths coming quick and uneven. "You can do it harder, faster. Fuck me, Bill."

"Oh god--unh--unh--" Billy sped his pace, barely pulling back before snapping his hips forward again, ramming against Dom's arse. "Dom--unh--" he grunted. "You're so--unh--so fucking good."

Dom worked his hand up, pressing Billy more tightly against him. "You're hitting my balls every time. Feels fucking fantastic. Harder, Billy. Fuck me."

"Oh, fuck, I'm gonnae come, Dom," Billy's voice rose in both volume and pitch. "Oh god oh god oh god oh Jesus I'm gonnae--" With a cry he pounded twice more against Dom and came hard, hips and thighs plastered against the back of Dom's, erection thrusting between his legs, his come shooting over Dom's arm and the bed beneath them. "Fuck--fuck, yes--oh god, yes--unh--unh--fuck, Dom--fuck--Dom--Dom ... Dom ... Dom." Billy gave one last shudder and then slumped over Dom's back, breathing hard, sweating.

Dom dropped his hand, his thighs enough to hold Billy's softening prick now. He propped himself up with both arms and held still, giving Billy a moment to recover.

Billy eventually mumbled, "Down."

"Hmm? Sorry, what was that?"

"Down. Lie down. Time to die."

With a chuckle, Dom eased himself down onto his elbows, then stretched out, Billy's weight on top of him bearing him down into the mattress. He felt Billy's soft prick slide out from between his thighs. "How's that, then?"

"Mmnph. Shh. Busy dying."

"In a good way, I hope?"

"The very best." Billy rolled his head enough to press a kiss to Dom's back. "That was ... fucking brilliant."

"I'm glad. You get to change the sheets later; I'm lying in a puddle of your come, you messy bastard."

Billy's body shook slightly with laughter. "Deal. Bloody hell, my heart's fucking racing."

"It's my nearness. I've got you all atwitter."

"That must be it." Slowly, Billy slid off Dom to lie beside him.

Dom rolled to face him, and shifted closer.

"Thanks, yeah?" Billy murmured, one hand rising to stroke Dom's cheek. "I mean it, that was incredible. I've never ... "

"No. Might hurt someone."

"Yeah." Billy leaned his head in and kissed Dom on the lips, tenderness in every touch.



"Do you know why you needed something fierce?" Dom asked curiously, twining their legs together.

Billy thought for a moment. " ... Not really. It was just ... you. You had me so turned on, y'know? I just had this ... this intense ... need. I can't really put it into words."

"No," Dom agreed. He paused, wondering if he should share the idea swirling inside his head, decided he would. It was Billy, after all. "Remember when we were playing the game, and we said there was no dom and no sub, just us?"

"Yeah." Billy's fingers cupped the back of Dom's head.

"I wonder if we were a little wrong about that. Just before we lubed up, I felt ... I don't know how to explain it either. I would have done anything you wanted. You could have used me any way you wanted, turned me inside out, and it would have been good. It would have been great."

Billy kissed him again, small tasting lapping kisses that left Dom's lips open and damp. "And I was rather ... aggressive. Maybe, maybe everyone does have a preference, and there's never true equals. But then again ...  Would you want to try that with me? What we just did? Would you want to be the one going harder and faster and pounding into me?"

Dom's prick twitched between them, and he laughed sheepishly. "Hell, yes."

"Which isn't particularly subbish. No, I don't think either of us are set in a role. I don't think you're naturally a sub and I'm naturally a dom. I just think today, this is what we both needed. Next time, you might be the one who needs to be fierce, and I'll want you to use me. That's ... " He coloured slightly. "That's a true partnership."

Dom smiled and nuzzled Billy's nose with his own. "That's love?"

Billy wrapped his arms around Dom and pulled them flush together. "That's love." After a long, open-mouthed kiss involving tongues, saliva, teeth, and wandering hands, Billy drew back to look at Dom. "You look positively satisfied."

"I am," Dom hummed. There was a warm glow in his belly that even the thought of leaving the next day couldn't dispel, and bubbles of happiness in his chest that made him laugh out loud.

"Me too," Billy smiled. "However, I'm also stuck to the sheets. If I take you in with me, then a shower doesn't count as practical, right? I wouldn't want to break the rules of Not Wearing Clothes Day."

"Two or more people automatically render a shower as impractical." Dom said firmly.

Billy's eyebrow rose. "Or more?"

"Okay, two," Dom amended. "Especially if one or both of them crack the tiles with screams of ecstasy."

Billy seemed to ponder that. "Maybe I should just clean up with a flannel, then. I don't fancy re-tiling my shower."

Dom cupped Billy's arse and rocked his hips. "Bil-ly."

Billy chuckled. "Besides, 'screams of ecstasy'? Have you been reading trashy romance novels again?"

"Fine. Shouts of triumph. How's that?"

"Mm. Much better. Come on, then, taisgeal. We have some shouting to do."

The hot water ran out just as Dom was moaning through his orgasm, back up against the cold tiles and hands gripping Billy's shoulders as the water streamed down over them both. Billy gave Dom's cock one last, leisurely pull, then made sure he was washed clean.

"Billy," Dom sighed, head back and eyes closed. "I'm thinking of installing a new hot water heater in my house. How much do you think an industrial sized one would go for?"

Billy leaned down and shut the taps off. "You could get a hot tub, instead."

"You're a fucking genius. We'll go shopping for one when you come to visit." Gooseflesh rose on Dom's arms, and he lifted his head when Billy took his hand.

"C'mon," Billy smiled, fondness written plain on his face. "Before you catch cold, petal."

Dom pinched Billy's bottom and then chased him, water droplets flying everywhere, back to the bedroom.

"Pizza, Thai, Indian, Italian, Chinese, or other?" Billy asked, rooting through his junk drawer in search of takeaway menus. He straightened with a fistful of leaflets and spread them on the kitchen table.

Dom wrapped his arms around Billy from behind, stroking his bare stomach, and began nibbling on his shoulder. "You."

"I can fill your heart, but I cannot fill your stomach."

"Come down my throat often enough, you could," Dom rumbled in his ear.

Billy reached behind and smacked Dom's bare bottom. "That's disgusting. And hardly nutritional. Chinese?"

"Sounds good. Crispy duck?"

"Aye. You realise one of us is going to have to don clothes long enough to answer the door, don't you?"

Dom nodded, feigning sadness. "It's just so against the spirit of the day."

"Be a lot more against the spirit of the day if we were nicked for public indecency for flashing the delivery boy and got popped into prison blues."

"I'd look better in orange. But you may have a point." Dom turned Billy around and pushed him back against the table. "We'll just have to stick to private indecency." He laid Billy back, sending the menus fluttering to the floor with a sweep of his arm. His mouth descended on Billy's nipple, his hand to Billy's rapidly hardening cock, and dinner was put on hold for twenty minutes--until Billy had recovered enough from his orgasm to place the order.

After dinner, dessert, and two cups of tea, Billy lay sleeping, curled up with Dom in a pile of blankets in front of the fire, the TV on low.

Dom watched him sleep. Watched the sandy lashes tremble on lightly freckled cheeks, watched eyelids twitch, watched lips part and listened to breath whistle. This was it, he thought. This was everything he'd ever wanted. Love and fun and sex and tenderness and  laughter and trust all wrapped up in a package that made his heart and libido both soar. A package with deft hands and greying temples and an infectious laugh and a sense of play that rivaled his own. Billy could take the dullest of days and make it worth remembering for the rest of his life, and Dom was so grateful for the gift he'd been given.

You're sure about him now, aren't you? Jeremy Irons asked in his slow gravelly voice. Even though there's no plane ticket in sight.

Dom nodded. I'm sure, he thought, and smiled.

It won't be easy, Jeremy Irons warned.

I know. But neither of us are running away anymore. You'll see--we're going to make this work. It'll take a bit of time to sort things out, see how we can best divide our time between here and there, but we'll do it. You'll see. Dom beamed.

My boy, I do believe you will, Jeremy irons said quietly, and then he was gone.

Dom laughed out loud, waking Billy.

"Mnph. Wha'. Hmm?"

Dom grasped Billy's face between gentle hands and kissed him with joyous abandon. When he finally came up for air, Billy dazedly looked up at him, a slightly daft smile on his face.

"What was that in aid of, then?"

"He's gone, Bill," Dom whispered gleefully. "I'm not quite sure how I did it, but I finally got rid of the bastard."

Billy lifted his head. "Jeremy bloody Irons?"

"Yes! There just may be hope for my sanity yet."

Billy grinned. "I wouldn't count on it." He rolled Dom over, hopelessly tangling them both in the blankets, and kissed him hard.

It was past midnight when Dom flopped onto his back, groaning. "Oh fuck, that was good."

"I like that thing you did with your thumb," Billy panted, lying still for a moment before reaching for the damp flannel they'd left beside the bed. "Here, clean up."

Dom took the cloth and weakly swiped at his softening prick. "That's cold!" he yelped, scrunching the flannel up in his hands to try and warm it.

"What do you expect?" Billy chuckled. "It's been lying there for half an hour. Be thankful it's still wet."

Dom reached over and cleaned up Billy's cock. "Did I get it all?"

"I think so. Thanks, taisgeal."

"You're welcome, Bill-o'-my-heart." Dom grinned, then finished tidying himself up. He dropped the flannel on the floor beside the bed. "Don't forget that's there the next time you do a washing."

Billy rolled to prop his chin on Dom's chest. "Which will be tomorrow. I'm running out of sheets."

"Is that a complaint?"

"Not in the least," Billy said contentedly.

"I'll have to buy a few more before you come over," Dom mused. "I think I only have three sets right now."

"Definitely need more," he agreed.

Dom craned his head to kiss Billy's nose. "Any idea when that might be? What's your schedule like? What commitments have you got?"

"I've an event for the youth theatre company a week on Wednesday. Other than that, things are slow."

"Does that mean you can come after that?" Dom asked hopefully, thrilled at the idea they'd only be apart for a fortnight. "Hell, we can handle two weeks standing on our heads--"

"Well, not right after that," Billy cautioned. "I've got loose ends to tidy up, things to sort out. Meet with the agent, close up the flat."

"So when?"


"When soon?"

Billy sat up. "Soon, all right? What do you want me to say?"

Dom reached out to run a hand down Billy's arm. "I don't mean to push. I just have this stupid idea that if I know when you're coming, it'll be easier to leave you tomorrow. But nothing will make that easier."

Billy stared at him for a moment before sighing and dropping his eyes. "I know. I'm going to miss you like mad."

"Me too, Bills."

"I know." He sat still and silent for a few minutes, looking down at his hands. "I'm still getting used to the idea, I suppose."

"Of what?" Dom stroked Billy's naked thigh.

"Moving. Leaving. Don't get me wrong," Billy said quickly, "I want to do this. I really do. We've got our bridge, and I don't hate the very idea of being away for a long time now. It's just...I don't love it, you know? All I know is ... I love you. I think I might need a bit of time to visit some of my ties and realise I can leave them, that they'll still be there whenever I--we--come home. Does this make any sense?"

Dom sat up too, and cupped a hand around the nape of Billy's neck. "It does. I won't pretend I'm not disappointed you're not coming right away, because I'll miss you so fucking much. But I understand, Bill. Just come when you can, I'll be there."

Billy wrapped his arms around Dom's neck and kissed him, carrying him back down to the bed with the weight of his body. "Love you, Dom. Love you so much." He feathered light kisses down Dom's neck, interspersed with promises. "I'll be there. I swear I'll be there soon."

"If you can come by the end of next month," Dom murmured, his hands travelling the length of Billy's back, "You can come to Maui with me. Charity do, all the cast'll be there."

"I'll be there by the end of next month," Billy vowed.

They didn't speak much after that; everything important had been said, many times. They lay entwined--stroking, caressing, petting each other, trying to get their fill of each other before sleep claimed them. Dom was seized by an urge to kiss every inch of Billy's body, but only made it as far as Billy's erection. After several long, slow sucks, Billy pulled him up, covered their cocks with lube, and worked them until they came almost simultaneously, panting hot, nearly silent breaths into each other's mouth.

Some time later, Dom fell asleep, the sound of Billy's soft whistles in his ear.

Chapter 22